2019 Maine Hunting & Fishing Licenses are: available now!

(image: maine.gov)

2019 Maine Hunting & Fishing Licenses are officially for sale.  Since you’re reading this in 2019 the odds are pretty good you already knew this, especially if you’re an ice-angler, rabbit hunter, or (like me) a turkey geek who is already working the turkey calls enough to drive your family just a little crazy.

In all seriousness though, this is a great time to grab your license so you don’t need to mess around with it the night before the first hunting trip of the season.  If you’re the type who forgets to buy ink or paper for your printer–or who likes to print things off at work (we won’t judge)–it’s always best to have your license sorted before you need it.  This way, when you need it, you have it.  Right? Right.

As always we should mention that simply having a license does not mean you can hunt wherever you want.  You should still be knocking on doors or making phone calls to secure permission to those tasty hunting spots you’ve been driving by all winter long.  Another great option is using the extremely popular OnX Maps.  If you haven’t heard of OnX Maps yet you should check out our article on it here to learn more–then do yourself a favor and give their 7 Day FREE Trial a go.  Seriously.

The private land you use for recreation belongs to someone else, just as surely as your car or home belongs to you. Access to private land is a privilege, not a right. Now and in the future, private ownership is key to preserving Maine’s rural heritage and recreational opportunities.
from Maine IF&W On Landowner Relations

from Maine IF&W On Landowner Relations

A reminder, as well, on chipping in to support Maine’s public access to private lands: joining the Outdoor Partner program is a hell of a way to snag yourself some nice local discounts and be a part of the cause.  Below is an excerpt from maine.gov’s website letting you know the deals you’ll receive as a member of the Outdoor Partner program (note the free pass to the North Maine Woods which we covered in our Partridge Promised Land piece).

Outdoor Partners Members can provide a copy of their 2019 license that includes an Outdoor Partners purchase to receive benefits from these supportive businesses:

For more information on Maine’s licenses you can find Maine’s IFW website to be pretty informative, albeit clumsy to navigate, and sometimes lacking follow-through on their links or documentation.  This is something we’ve discussed ad nauseam on the Northland Chronicles Podcast, but I won’t digress too much here.  Join us in our Discord server to continue the conversation on that topic!

Stay safe, and enjoy the 2019 season.

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