We are from the Northland.  Maine, specifically.  Our goal is to increase exposure for all types of hunting and outdoor activities in the Northern tier.  With a casual–but informative–texture to our podcast we aim to simulate the nostalgic feeling of meeting up with old friends, as well as making new ones to share future endeavors with.  Picture walking into a cozy pub or friendly neighborhood bar after a good day.  We aim to bring that vibe to the hunting, fishing, and outdoor world.

Tom Daniels

Environmental Engineer by trade, and self-taught hunter.  Avid upland explorer, and dog handler.  Tom spends his time (both on and off season) running his dogs, and scouting hunting spots for the Northland Chronicles crew.


John Henderson

IT professional by trade, lifelong hunter, and hobbyist cook.  As someone who has been in the woods as long as I can remember, I have really enjoyed seeing the progression of hunting equipment and the evolution of hunters as a whole.  The integration of new technology into ammunition, guns, and equipment has really created opportunities that inspire me to not only get out of doors but to share it with anyone who will listen.